When redesigning a kitchen, one of the key decisions people must make is the style they wish to replicate. Unsurprisingly, traditional kitchens always come out on top.

This is because a traditional kitchen offers so many benefits. They’re full of charm, functionality, versatility, and are without a doubt the most timeless choice.

The reason they are traditional is because they allude to trends that go as far back as the 18th century. Nowadays, people love to put their own spin on traditional kitchens. Favouring character and ornamentation to create a personal yet luxurious space. 

If you want to recreate your kitchen with a traditional theme, then you need to know the essential details. That’s why we have collated the top 6 elements of what makes a traditional kitchen.

traditional kitchen 1
You can’t go wrong with a warm, homely traditional kitchen. Image credit: Houzz

6 Characteristics for a Traditional Kitchen

When you think of a traditional kitchen, you might be transported to a cute little cottage in the countryside. Yet, a traditional kitchen can work in both period and modern homes. You don’t have to live in a farmhouse to achieve that cosy rustic look.

Here are some characteristics you can implement to remodel your own traditional kitchen, no matter what type of house you own.

Natural Materials

Nothing creates character like a mix of natural materials. Think stained wood and patterned stone to emulate a rustic vibe. 

You can use these in your main feature pieces. Think wood cabinets, stone worktops, exposed brick walls. Before you know it, your kitchen will be the cosiest part of your entire home!

Just try not to get hung up on those little imperfections – that’s the beauty of these materials. They are what give traditional kitchens that much-loved detail and charm.

traditional kitchen 2
From characterful woods to pastel pops of colour – we love this gorgeous combination. Image credit: Homezly

Muted Colourways

In a traditional kitchen, usually the materials speak for themselves. One way to accentuate these, is by introducing softer colour hues to brighten or warm up the space. This depends on the lighting offered in your kitchen. For example: if your kitchen has restrictive natural light, then you can create the impression of a brighter room with a cool cream tone. 

However, traditional kitchens do not have to stick to conventional colours. As this kitchen style tends to have baseline colours of beige, white, greys mixed with wood and stone, this offers a great blank canvas to introduce a splash of colour. For those who want a classic kitchen but a bold feature, why not try a nature-inspired sage green, or a rustic berry tone.

traditional kitchen 3
Personalise a traditional kitchen with a tonal colourway. Image credit: Leekes

Antique Accessories

The great thing about traditional kitchens is the ability to inject a bit of personality and history. One way this can be done is with antique accessories. Whether it be a cheap charity shop find or a treasured family heirloom, your traditional kitchen is the perfect place to display it.

Think of purposeful kitchen pieces with a quirky vintage spin. Like old-school teapots, ornate jugs, butter dishes, bread bins and rustic copper pots. While they are captivating pieces on their own – collectively they will add a unique charm to your kitchen.

traditional kitchen 4
Practical and picture perfect. Image credit: Pinterest

Raised Cabinets

Raised cabinets are an instant indicator of a traditional kitchen. First developed in the 1900s, this trend has been revolutionised many times. Often with a fresh lick of paint to give it a modern feel.

The raised panel in this cabinet style succeeds in adding depth and dimension to your kitchen. It also emulates the highly sought-after panelling trend that many people are introducing to their homes. Yet, this cabinet style offers more intricacy and detail.

cream raised cabinets
Raised cabinets can add a luxe texture to your kitchen. Image credit: Pinterest

Checkerboard Tiles

Checkerboard tiles are traditional as they are the most practical choice for kitchens. Plus, they act as an eye-catching feature to pair with a traditionally muted colour scheme. 

While it is a classic interior style, it never fails in its striking simplicity. Usually in black and white, the versatility of this floor tile means it can work well in almost any kind of space. 

For example, a checkerboard floor works wonderfully when matched with pastel colours to add drama. Or, you could go bold with red and white checkerboard tiles in a kitchen with a lot of dark hues, like black and mango wood to give it a much-needed colour injection.

checkerboard tiles
Reinvent classic checkerboard tiles with modern twists. Image credit: Real Homes

Exposed Storage

A lot of modern kitchens focus on concealing storage for a more clean look. Yet, with traditional kitchens – there are no rules. Because of this, it is common to find exposed storage spaces, where you can see everything that would normally be hidden away in a cupboard. Not only is it a good way to show off your crockery collection, but it gives you instant easy access, too!

Think wooden shelves to stack bowls and plates. Or metal bars and hooks to hang pots and pans. These all help achieve that desirable rustic look in the kitchen.

If you are toying with the idea of exposed storage, start out small with a wooden spice rack, or a wall-mounted mug rack. These subtle changes can make the biggest difference in creating a traditional-style kitchen.

exposed kitchen storage
Exposed kitchen storage is not only easy access, but a great display method of your favourite pieces. Image credit: Pinterest

If you want to reinvent your kitchen with a traditional twist, you can do so through bespoke kitchen design solutions. 

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