Whether you want an entire kitchen renovation or a little refresh, looking to the latest trends is the best way to get inspiration.

Contemporary kitchen design revolves around modern styles that are beautiful, practical and inventive. While every kitchen consists of the same elements, there is always room for improvement when it comes to function and aesthetic. 

In recent times, the humble kitchen has been reinvented to cater beyond meal preparation. Instead, it is now the central hub of the home. Taking on the role of social venue, makeshift working from home offices, homeschool classrooms and more.

Every modern kitchen should reflect these needs and events. To give you all the inspiration you need, here are our top kitchen trends for you to peruse and plan your dream kitchen.

navy and white contemporary kitchen
Investing in modernising your kitchen will give you a space that is both on-trend and timeless.

The Latest Contemporary Kitchen Design Trends

Contemporary kitchen designs are built to last. While trends come and go, with kitchens, modern styles never date. They only advance in innovation and creativity. To achieve an envy-worthy kitchen, check out the following trends to keep an eye on.

Go Green

Green has taken centre stage as the colour of choice for many interior designers and home improvers alike. It strikes the perfect balance between being bold yet neutral, striking yet calming. 

Certain variations including sage, khaki and forest green have graced the walls of many kitchens. But what makes this trend unique is that the limits are truly endless, making no two kitchens the same. 

For example, you can achieve a modern look by pairing forest green with black accented lighting, copper accessories and dark wood. Or, you can bring the outside in by mixing sage green with white worktops, indoor plants and oak wood. 

What’s more, is that green brings a fresh elegance and renewed energy to the space. Plus, if you prefer to go bold – green offers many complementary colourways to choose from. Think vibrant oranges, warm mustards and even rose pinks to diversify your kitchen even more. 

green contemporary kitchen
Green is the new neutral, offering versatility and modernity to your kitchen.

New Neutrals

Neutrals are a staple style that will never go out of fashion. This is because they have the power to create a calming, serene space that you will forever admire. 

By mixing muted and tonal colours with tactile materials such as wood, rattan, wicker and stone – you can create the perfect combination that’s unique to you. 

Choose from white and ivory tones, taupe and grey shades, or both! By achieving that earthy look and feel, you are guaranteed an inviting and relaxing space that you and your visitors can enjoy every time.

To avoid your kitchen looking one-note, we advise that you consider your wood/stone choices first. Then, you can use these as a baseline to select three neutral colour variations to complement. This way, you are able to better steer the direction of your future kitchen’s appearance.

neutral contemporary kitchen
Neutrals are nothing new, yet you can reinvent them time and time again with contrasting and complementary textures.

Sleek and Chic

Another trend we have seen on the rise is the streamlined, monochrome kitchen. Crisp and clean-cut, this contemporary kitchen style offers plenty of opportunities for splashes of colour to be introduced. Or, it can act as a beautiful standout on its own.

This sleek yet chic choice is perfect if you are a minimalist who enjoys a sophisticated look. It is completely timeless, meaning you can treat it like a blank canvas for switching up your accessories, art decor or even paint colour. 

To add interest, we recommend mixing your textures. For example, glossy cabinets work great when paired with a flecked marble or stone. You can also introduce textures in additional ways, by adding metal or leather breakfast bar stools. Either way, you still have ample options to make your sleek, modern kitchen your own.

sleek and chic monochrome kitchen
Sleek and sophisticated gives you a blank canvas to inject a bit of personality.

Two Tone

Two tone kitchens are ideal for those who want to completely personalise their space. It is when contrasting finishes complement one another, giving a fun and desirable aesthetic in the kitchen.

The beauty of this trend is that there are no rules, with many possibilities to choose from. For example, you can opt for opposing wall and cabinet colours. Or, you can select deep worktops with a bright pop of colour in your tiled splashback.   

If you’re toying with the idea of this style, you can also integrate it in an implicit, clever way. For example, you can create a kitchen with dark exteriors, and bright interiors on the inside of the drawers and cupboards. Whatever you decide, the two-tone trend is designed to give your kitchen that wow factor.

two tone kitchen
We love this previous project where we designed and fitted a two-tone kitchen.

Boho Tiles

If you’re a free spirit, or simply can’t decide on a particular colour scheme – boho tiles are great for injecting a pop of colour, pattern and personality into your kitchen. 

With this trend, many tend to place their mosaic-style tiles as a feature backsplash. However, you can always go one step further and cover your kitchen’s entire worktop to ceiling area with the tile style of your choice. 

If you are picking neutrals as a base to pair with boho tiles, your options are truly endless. Whether it be mix ‘n’ match tiles or the one, repeated style all over – neutrals have the power to make these stand out. 

We recommend that you start by researching a variety of tiles. Then, once you have selected your perfect design, pick a colour within that tile to create custom, complementing cabinets. This way, your kitchen is completely one-of-a-kind.

boho kitchen tiles
Boho tiles can bring fun and creativity into your kitchen.

When it comes to contemporary kitchens, there are plenty of hyped-up trends that turn into much-loved staples. Whether it be a feature colour, a mix of neutral colours and textures, classic monochrome, or pops of colour through two-tone or boho tiles – every trend has the opportunity to be made totally unique.

At Kitchen Design House, we offer bespoke, handmade contemporary kitchen design. We help facilitate your ideas, and turn your dream kitchen into a reality. From full facilitation to the finishing touches, our expert team can assist you from the first step of embarking upon your kitchen design journey. 

For more information, contact us today for a free consultation worth £250. Or if you’re looking for more inspiration, visit our blog or our previous projects for more ideas.