Finance your dream space

We provide finance options. We believe that creating your dream space should be accessible to everybody.


We have partnered with Kandoo to provide you with flexible loan options.

We are a family-owned business therefore, we understand that family comes first. This can make it hard to prioritize spending a large lump sum of money on your dream space. However, we know from countless experience that a room designed to fit your lifestyle and needs can really change your life. To fix this problem we have partnered with


How does Kandoo finance work?

Here is a brief overview of how Kandoo finance works. The application is a straightforward process and you could borrow between £500-£50,000. Kandoo FCA authorised which means that funds only come from UK-regulated lenders.  Having previously partnered with Kandoo and from client feedback we know that our clients have been very happy choosing a lender through Kandoo. To find out more directly from the Kandoo website click here.


Kandoo financing
£5,800 kitchen finance by kandoo

How much will I pay back in monthly installments?

This will vary from person to person depending on how much you would like to borrow, interest rates and how many years that you have to repay the loan. Here is an example of a bespoke kitchen that costs £5,800 which includes sinks, taps, doors, panel, kicker, wall unit, colour matching and resin worktops (appliances not included). You could borrow this money from Kandoo and decide to pay it back over 60 months (5 years). To check out how much you could pay monthly for this kitchen click here. 

Our FCA Aurthorisation number is 971463. Kitchen Design House Ltd have been added as an (IAR) under Switcha Limited (FRN: 828963)