When it comes to bedroom design, it is fair to feel restricted having only four walls to work with. Yet, those four walls host ample opportunities to trick the eye and make your boudoir look cosy, spacious and luxurious. 

Your bedroom is your ultimate personal haven. But you can’t create a perfect relaxation space without luxury bedroom furniture.  

There are a few things you can do to create the stylish retreat of your dreams – and we’re here to show you how!

Ways Luxury Bedroom Furniture Can Transform Your Space

There are many benefits that come from buying luxury bedroom furniture. By investing in higher quality furnishings, you are promised longevity, space – and instant wow factor.

There are plenty of ways you can use luxury furniture to enhance your bedroom’s elegance and practicality. At Kitchen Design House, we have helped many customers revamp their bedrooms. Using this experience, here’s our top 4 ways you can reinvent your bedroom using top-of-the-range bedroom furniture.

Mix or Match Furniture to Show Your Style

Sometimes, ready-made furniture styles don’t always suit your personal preference. It can be difficult to capture your personality in a piece of furniture – but it is certainly possible. 

Some people love the idea of their furniture harmonising in colour and style. Others prefer quirky and contrasting combinations. 

Mix It Up

Having a mixture of furniture can create a unique, dramatic yet tasteful impression. With it being a collection of your favourite pieces, you are guaranteed to never get bored and love each individual one. 

By mixing up your bedroom furniture, you can create a bigger space that illustrates your bold personality. You can do this in a variety of ways. For example: you can choose a softer mix of oak wood with rattan. Or, you can pair deeper tones like mango wood with black accented furniture. Whatever you choose, these interesting amalgams put an inspiring spin on your home.

Top Tip: If opting for mixed furniture, keep accessories and bedding crisp and clean to make them stand out. Or choose one tonal colour to complement like below!

luxury bedroom furniture
By mixing your luxury bedroom furniture, you can give your boudoir an extra added interest. Image credit: Flemington Department Store

Make a Match

Matching furniture sets are a common choice for interior designers. They create a sense of complementary elegance when you step into a room. Plus, once you have settled on your favourite style, it becomes easy to piece together your dream bedroom.

By matching your luxury bedroom furniture, you can create a seamless, streamlined look which manipulates space. If you have a particular colour scheme in mind, then using matching furniture can help accentuate this.

Top Tip: Take time to research what your perfect fit looks like. Consider what your chosen style might look like if you change your wall colour in the future, as you want it to last a lifetime.

matching luxury bedroom furniture
Mixing or matching your furniture are both effective in showing off your personality.

You may have always envisioned your master bedroom furniture to look and feel a specific way. One of the best ways you can achieve this is by creating your own. Whether you prefer to mix or match – having tailor-made furniture means your personality will without a doubt shine through. 

At Kitchen Design House, we offer handmade luxury bedroom furniture that’s made with you in mind. 

Maximise Your Bedroom’s Space

Often, store-bought bedroom furniture can be clunky and take up significant space. As it isn’t made-to-order, this lessens your chance to optimise the beautiful space your bedroom has to offer. Many people tend to settle for this, and therefore have to invest further in additional storage which can make a room look cluttered.

Luxury bedroom furniture has the potential to cater to your bedroom’s exact measurements. While it is filling a gap in your room, it can utilise space by fulfilling its key purpose and resolving storage issues.

In our experience, floor-to-ceiling wardrobes provide an effective yet luxurious solution. As they are dimension-specific, they consider all free corners in your room and turn them into smart storage opportunities. They are perfect for tidying away your tech, freeing up room for additional furniture, plus it looks super sleek and stylish! 

navy luxury bedroom wardrobe
Made-to-measure floor-to-ceiling wardrobes can create an ideal yet stylish storage solution.

Another way you can manipulate your bedroom’s space is through mirrored wardrobes. These create a clever illusion, as they reflect the room back on itself to make it appear larger than it actually is. They are a fantastic option if you want to open up a room and bring in more light, too. Plus, this saves you searching for a separate mirror, again saving you space and money!

mirrored wardrobes by KDH
Mirrored wardrobes help create the clever illusion of a bigger bedroom space.

Made-to-order furniture has the power to totally transform your bedroom. As seen in our previous project examples above, in the past we have created space-saving, luxurious-looking bedroom furniture that has enhanced the overall look and feel of the bedroom. 

Choose Multipurpose Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture that offers an all-in-one solution is key to reinventing your bedroom. With innovative thinking, you can have luxury furniture made specially to suit multiple needs, all in the one piece. 

Think outside the box: wardrobes with a built-in dressing table, mirror, shoe rack, protective cabinets – or even beds with creative storage space for bedding and loungewear. The list really is endless! 

Plus, you never have to worry about losing or misplacing items. If you keep items including toiletries, tech and clothes in the one handy place – this not only saves you time – but also stress.

white multipurpose luxury bedroom furniture
Multipurpose bedroom furniture ticks all the boxes when it comes to practicality and style – plus saving you space, time and money! Image credit: Pinterest

Kitchen Design House: Here for All Your Luxury Bedroom Furniture Needs

At Kitchen Design House, we love making dreams a reality with our bespoke, luxury bedroom furniture. Over the last 20 years of perfecting kitchens, we have also mastered the craft of creating beautiful bedrooms. Every bedroom project, whether it be a complete redesign or a one-off piece, is curated with innovation, practicality and style at the heart. 

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