If you’re searching for kitchen design inspiration, then look no further. Whether you are simply browsing, or seeking advice for your kitchen renovation – we have the experience to help steer you in the right direction. 

Having worked as kitchen design specialists for over 20 years, we have made many gorgeous, ingenious ideas come to life. From Parisian-style breakfast bars, bespoke kitchen islands, handcrafted cabinets to innovative storage solutions – we are experts when it comes to luxury kitchen design. 

From monochrome colour schemes to reinventing luxury, in this blog, we walk you through our top 4 kitchen design ideas and offer advice on how to get started.

Our Top 4 Luxury Kitchen Ideas

To ensure your kitchen exudes luxury, then every aspect of your project must be considered and curated with your style in mind. Whether it be classic or contemporary, the best way to achieve this is through bespoke solutions.

With bespoke, you are the one who controls the design of your kitchen. From layout to colour schemes, and everything in between. It also means you are guaranteed complete luxury and personalisation, making your kitchen highly desirable and one-of-a-kind. 

At Kitchen Design House, our job is to make your vision come to life. But first, let’s get you started with that all-important research! To help spark your imagination, here’s our top 4 luxury kitchen ideas.

monochrome kitchen
Monochrome is a timeless, tasteful choice that offers the luxury of versatility.

Idea #1: Monochrome for Maximum Versatility

The classic black and white combination has been a reliable staple for many years. And with good reason, too! 

Monochrome is a timeless option that works in every period of home. From minuscule galley kitchens to open-plan family rooms. Black and white is a clean-cut, fresh and uplifting choice. 

This seamless design idea can add a layer of luxury to your kitchen in many ways. Whether you are a modernist or prefer character, monochrome offers a degree of versatility to appeal to everyone’s personal style. 

By investing in a monochrome kitchen, you can choose to keep your kitchen sleek and chic with black and white as your two-tone colour combo. Or, if you want to inject a little colour, monochrome lends itself well to any colour you choose. 

We love seeing monochrome kitchens with a fresh colour pop, using reds, yellows and pinks. You can do this through your accessories. For example: having an interchangeable flower arrangement in a crystal vase, or by hanging a colourful gallery wall opposite your cabinets.

copper and marble kitchen
Marble and copper is the ultimate design idea if you want to create a super polished look.

Idea #2: Marble and Copper for A Polished Look

Marble and copper is the ‘it’ combination in interior design. It portrays that feeling of polished, modern luxe. With the white marble giving it a dose of freshness, and the copper creating hints of warmth.

This design idea lends itself to both matte and glossy cabinet finishes. Plus, it can be personalised by additional accent colours. Like jet black, heather grey, blush pink, forest green and navy blue. This way, you can put your own spin on this classic, contemporary style.

Marble is also a well-suited option for kitchens. It is always cool to the touch, which provides a valuable functional trait in a hot, steamy kitchen. 

To keep up the polished look, you can introduce accessories to complement and add interest. For example, you can add eye-catching houseplants, or rustic wood-based pieces like chopping boards.

Check out a recent project or ours below. For this, we designed and fitted brand-new black glossy cabinets, a bespoke white marble island complete with copper detailing.

industrial kitchen
Industrial-style kitchens give added edge with the luxury of space and versatility.

Idea #3: Deconstruct Luxury With Elegant Industrial Styles

When people think of industrial kitchens, they tend to think of heavy-duty, masculine traits. But, with the right level of craftsmanship, an industrial kitchen can reinvent the meaning of luxury.

Industrial kitchens usually include dark modular fittings, making this style very versatile, bold and sleek. Yet, what makes industrial elegant, is its ability to open up the room and give the luxury of greater space. Think rustic beams instead of enclosed ceilings, or slick industrial-like shelving to act as storage space.

Industrial can also be paired with many different woods, accessories and colours that can add a feminine, homely touch. 

Or, if you are considering wood for your kitchen, why not introduce industrial accessories? These could be lights, dining table and chairs, or breakfast bar stools to add a bit of edge.

We love this above example of an elegant industrial kitchen by Marchi Cucine.

kitchen lighting
We love how this beautiful chandelier gives the impression of warmth in this neutral kitchen we designed.

Idea #4: Add Interest with Innovative Lighting

After investing in your dream kitchen, it deserves a bit of spotlight.

While it may seem like a finer detail, how you add light to your kitchen can create the feeling of luxury. Dimmed lighting can create a relaxing atmosphere. Natural light can help enhance your kitchen’s features. Either way, your lighting choices are what make your kitchen space feel dynamic and inviting.

From chandeliers to pendants, from flush-mounts to globes – each of these styles can add that little bit of luxury to your kitchen. 

What’s more, is your chosen lighting design can reflect your personality. For example, if you have a neutral kitchen, a warm gold-tone chandelier can give your space a luxurious feel. Whereas, if you prefer a clean look, then discreet spotlighting would be best suited. Or, you could give a monochrome kitchen added edge with industrial-style lighting, or modernise it with copper lighting.

We Can Bring Your Luxury Kitchen Design to Life

Whether you have a plan or not, at Kitchen Design House, our in-house team of specialist designers and fitters can help you. 

Luxury kitchen design is at the heart of what we do. No matter what design you choose. From initial ideas to creative solutions, we know how to fulfil your brief with quality, care and you in mind.

While most companies have named ranges with predetermined styles, our kitchens are completely tailored to you. That includes door, drawer, cornice and plinth styles, as well as knobs and handles.

Once you’ve finished daydreaming about your future kitchen (we understand it may take a while!), you can contact us for a free initial consultation worth £250. We look forward to working with you.