Daydreaming about your kitchen’s potential is a pastime of many people. So much so, that there are now countless ways you can visualise your favourite ideas. 

Whether it be scrolling through a celebrity’s Instagram grid, or enjoying an episode of BBC’s Interior Design Masters – there’s so many places to get inspiration. While choice is a luxury, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and lost before you even begin. 

When it comes to luxury designer kitchens, you want to be sure of exactly what you want. This means consulting quality websites, magazines and specialists in the field. Ready to get started? We’ve rounded up our top 4 ways you can find inspiration for top of the range kitchen designs.

Finding Inspiration for Luxury Designer Kitchens

We’ve gathered our top places where you can find inspiration to kick-start your kitchen design journey. Get ready to get excited…

Social Media Sites

Often, people use the internet for kitchen design inspiration. While Google Images is great, you find yourself spending more time sifting through the images you don’t like, rather than saving the ones you do.

To stop you wasting time, we recommend choosing sites that are more tailored. This way, you can easily personalise your search. For example, refining by colour schemes and certain trends.

Pinterest is the number one place for finding inspiration and creating mood boards. Many people turn to this popular site for DIY, food, wedding and home renovation ideas. 

With Pinterest, you can streamline your search. For example, if you enter ‘industrial kitchens’ or ‘bohemian kitchens’ – you will see an array of boards, users, images and videos solely dedicated to these.

We recommend making a couple of pin boards per style you like. Or, you can follow pin boards of others, which takes time out of creating one yourself. 

Instagram is another great visual platform that allows you to ‘save’ posts you like to your own private collection. 

Recently, Instagram introduced a more tailored search bar, so you can search certain hashtags, accounts, places and topics. This makes it easier to discover precise styles which you can refer back to.  

Once you browse through Pinterest and Instagram, we advise you spend time writing a list of the key features you like that crossover these pin boards/collections. This could be a certain style of kitchen island or cabinet style for example. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what you want out of your future luxury designer kitchen.

luxury designer kitchens mood board
Create your own personalised mood board using social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Image credit: Etsy

Interior Magazines

Magazines, whether online or printed, are a great place to get ideas and advice from experts in the interior design field. Here’s a few that we recommend.

Ireland’s Homes Interiors and Living Magazine is a specialist home design magazine that is published monthly. It provides valuable features with a local focus, based in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. 

Under its umbrella is Ireland’s Kitchen Guide, which is published four times a year. It showcases kitchens from real homes throughout Ireland, and the latest news for both traditional and contemporary kitchen design.

Country Living Magazine covers everything from home decorating ideas, recipes, gardening as well as DIY and crafts. If you’re into luxury traditional-style kitchens, we advise checking out their website for inspiration, as well as useful advice on how to maintain and care for your kitchen.

Good Housekeeping is a leading lifestyle magazine, covering topics ranging from beauty and fashion, to food and drink, to homes and interiors. It even has a dedicated page on its website to kitchen ideas, so you can peruse the latest design trends that everyone is talking about. 

If you love a bit of arts and crafts, we suggest cutting out your favourite ideas and creating a scrapbook for your kitchen ideas. This is a fun, personal and practical way of visualising your dream kitchen. Or, you can simply bookmark the pages to refer back to later. 

With each of these ideas, whether it be a digital mood board or a physical scrapbook, you can share with a kitchen design specialist to help them better understand what you are looking for.

irelands homes interiors and living magazine
Magazines are a great place to get ideas and advice from experts in the interior design field. Image credit: Ireland’s Homes Interiors and Living Magazine

Visualiser Apps

With a range of handy apps, you can bring your browsing efforts to life by using your kitchen as a blank canvas to test drive your ideas.

Houzz is packed full of photos and ideas for home remodeling for every style. On the app, you can search for specific kitchen styles, and save your favourites in your ‘ideabooks’. It also offers remodeling ideas from other users and renovation pros. 

What makes Houzz particularly useful, is that you can ask your own questions, gather additional information, and shop for kitchen appliances, decor and more. It is available for both iOS and Android phones.

TapGlance is a great app for beginners, as it lets you easily create photo-real renders of kitchen items in your space. This means you can try out those cabinets you’ve had your eye on, to see if it is the right fit for your kitchen. 

This app also makes it easy to exchange ideas, allowing you to share your ideas with up to six other people for collaboration and idea swapping. 

visualiser app kitchen
Visualiser apps can help bring your ideas to life by using your kitchen as a blank canvas. Image credit: Kitchen Magic

Speaking to a Specialist

Once you have your digital mood board, scrapbook or entire kitchen plan ready – we advise speaking to a professional kitchen design company. This way, you can receive more suggestions and logistics from a trusted source. 

At Kitchen Design House, we are specialists in creating handmade luxury designer kitchens. Whether you need help with idea generation or project production, we have fitted kitchens of every style to know what is achievable for you. 

Before you speak to us, on our site you will find our previous projects of kitchens that we created for our clients. Our testimonials detail the exact work carried out, plus customer reviews of their experience. If you want more advice, our blog covers a range of topics related to kitchen design.

When you’re ready, feel free to contact us. We can’t wait to bring your ideas to life!